Full Immersion nel Megalomanismo

The King of The Snowmen

Yesterday I got very excited cause of all the snow getting more and more on the side of streets. All that endless snowing, made me want to build a snowman. I wanted to build something kids would see from far away, screaming something like “Oh my God, did you see that mom?! THAT-IS-AWESOME!!!” Also, that was a new challenge for me. I remember that when I used to be a kid, building regular-sized snowmen wasn’t easy at all: you get some snow you push it against the snowman’s head in order to complete the head and the whole thing falls off. What the hell, how frustrating.

But this time I got it just right! Check it out: ns22

The King of The Snowmen!

Some of My music.

Just yesterday I remembered I used to be a DJ, or at least I used to be someone who tried to become one, and found some of my old productions and I would love to share them with you if you are a house music lover or somewhat close to it.

These were made more or less at the age of 17 (chronologically sorted).
Nicely powered by GarageBand and LogicPro.

Dj Pnk - September 17th

Dj Pnk - My Blue Sunglasses

Dj Pnk - Blip Bloe

Dj Pnk - Mistaken Transmission

Dj Pnk - Vanity

If you have a chance to tell me how you like them I would be appreciative.

Bye bye.

Just the End of a Chapter.

Well, I’m not sure of how many people are still reading this blog, probably none, but I wanted to make sure you guys don’t think I’m dead, or somehow got kidnapped by some sort of weird creatures form Mars.
Anyway, for those who hasn’t heard the news yet, right now I’m in Italy and I’m into finishing my study at university of Parma. To make a long story short, I came back to Italy, because I wasn’t excepted at San Diego State University and in order to speed up the process of graduation I thought that applying to an Italian university would have been the easiest/fastest solution.

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A Funny Drawing

This is an awesome drawing my roommate Rodrigo made for me representing me driving our new rental in downtown Chicago.

Thanks Rodrigo. This is just hilarious! Don’t we look exactly the same?? Damn, great job! ns22

What’s up people? Here I am, finally relaxing in my bedroom after 10 hours at the office. A sweet temperature of 100°F is nicely and slowly killing me, and as if the temperature wasn’t bothering me enough, I decided to drink some good red wine after a “dinner” prepared in less than 10 minutes, but hey it was good, it certainly was, I cooked it.

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A Turning Point

What’s going on people? Long time I haven’t written anything and I’m very sorry for it. I really haven’t had much time to stay here, in front my laptop thinking of what to say, and the inspiration was an issue as well. But I guess today is the day to start again to narrate some of my adventures, or I should better say my last adventure in the United States.

Tonight it will be the fifth night I sleep here in Chicago, Illinois. Why am I here? I was offered a 2 months internship in Elettric 80 company and I thought it could have been an excellent experience to encounter before going back to Italy and finish my study. And here I am in the windy city.

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Arrivati alla fine del quarto (ed ultimo) semestre

Here they are, my suckish grades for Spring 2011 at City College ns13

I’ll write soon for a few updates! ns22