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Wanna win a new T-shirt?

Hello guys.. what up? is everything all right?

In these days, I’ve decided to throw a lottery. It’s something really simple. You can win a T-shirt just writing a comment on my blog. There is nothing else to do. You just have to be the 1000th commenter that means you will need to write the comment number 1000 for winning the T-shirt. 

Actually you guys have wrote many many comments in the past 9 months that means you almost reached the goal.

Why am I doing this? Just for fun and because i think that is a nice thing to do, for me that i like design graphic with my laptop and for you because you’ll have a nice T-shirt to wear! ns22


9 Responses to “Wanna win a new T-shirt?”

  1. Govi

    Wel, it’s a good idea! and the t-shirt seems very nice..see you sooner than you think!! ns22

  2. The Californian

    What does it mean Fuf?? Come on tell me.. When are you coming over here? ns3

  3. Bedo

    I know the person who will win this T shirt… Of-course Orkun!!! He is the guy, won my all-in at the river with %2 possibility. The luckiest person that I’ve ever seen…

  4. The Californian

    Actually he could really win.. you are right.. He’s gonna write a comment, just a comment, which is gonna be the right one. THe number 1000! hahaha.. ns22

  5. dani

    intende che quel gay viene a san francisco da una sua mezza parente quindi non spende cash…
    http://www.listia.com/ <— guarda qua che ci sta…

  6. dani

    http://www.groupon.com/ <— voglio vivere in america! in italia non ci sono abbastanza imbecilli per far funzionare una cosa cosi idiota!!!

  7. The Californian

    hahahaha.. il secondo mi piace un casino.. sono coupon online CON IL 72% DI RISPARMIO .. ns22 ns22

  8. LuigiGianluigi

    Wela viz!!!!! Grande l’idea della maglietta!!!! Me la sento già in tasca, sarà mia!!!

  9. Arianna

    Allora contribuisco a raggiungere la meta!

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