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I’m still puzzled.

It’s 2.47 AM. I am at a party that Miss T. and her friends just thrown.

After a few beers I decide to go to the bathroom. I try to open the door but it seems to be locked; I realize that someone is inside. I knock the door once. Nothing. I knock the door twice. Nothing. I think someone is inside tossing cookies or something so I decide just to stand against the wall waiting for a miracle.

After a few minutes a see a tall and good looking girl coming out who looks everything but drunk. Completely clueless, I enter in the bathroom, i lock the door still wondering though what she was doing for so long. Whatever. I’m in front of the toilet I start peeing but after a few seconds I realize that the toilet seat is still down. I make a pause, I pull it up and then I continue. After a relaxing and good minute piss had in complete silence I button up my pants. I flash. I turn around zipping my zipper up when a fucking smily guy comes out from the fucking shower.

He is like, “calm down man it’s not like you are thinking.” I am like “Jesus Christ what the fuck are you doing inside the shower I mean, Jeeez I swear you freaking scared the shit out of me. Damn it!” After 10 seconds of intense owkwardness I am like “Screw you! You are the one that at the last party was trying to screw that girl on my bad, aren’t you? I told you the last time, take a towel go to the beach, (because in San Diego there are beaches), and you go doing whatever you want, alright? Already told you man, not inside the house, and not in the bathroom Christ sake. I mean, how romantic. And lastly, not because I wanna be a bitch, but you knew somehow that this was gonna happen. I mean, people, at parties, need to go the the bathroom sometimes, you know? Look the next time add foreplays to your intercourse so everybody is going to need to use the neighborhood bathroom, alright? Ok now I go. Oh actually there is one last thing: when before you could have been the one who was screwing the girl in the bathroom, now that we go out the bathroom together you are the sucker faggot. Haha, hopefully nobody will see us…”

I don’t see the guy anymore; I wonder if he actually went to the beach with the girl or he went away cause I umiliate him or something.

You were not there guys but I got so – damn – scared! I wish you could have seen it.

For today this is all.

5 Responses to “I’m still puzzled.”

  1. Renata

    the most impressive thing about our party is that while a guy was romantically screwing a girl on the bathroom, someone was stealing our chicken.

  2. The Californian

    Just in case someone saw it, please let us know… ns22

  3. dani

    numero 1: credo che tu sia seriamente l’unica persona che riesca ad interrompere una pisciata in tutto il nord america e europa dell’ovest…
    numero 2: ahahahahahahahahahah anche io da grande vorrei fare quello che “avvita” le ragazze nel tuo bagno o nel tuo letto (bEd)….
    numero 3: ho sentito prima alla CNN che lo hanno avvistato qua: http://bit.ly/b8g8JM

  4. The Californian

    @ Dani: haha, io in quel mini market ci compravo le ciambelle ancora quando andavo in Kaplan. Ciunto che hai beccato proprio quel megozio li. ns27

  5. dani

    google mi è stato amico…. gli ho dato tutte le informazioni che avevo (san diego la jolla market) e lui mi ha tirato fuori quello… ns22

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