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Nuovo Guinness dei Primati!

Sette sono ora gli studenti ospitati in casa Graves. Dopo 15 anni spesi ad accogliere studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo, questo, per i Graves e’ un nuovo Guinness dei primati.

Sfortunatamente pero’, dopo quell’episodio d’un paio di mesi fa, tra quell’idiota Italiano e quell’altra Brasiliana, Judy, la padrona di casa, ha deciso di ospitare solo ragazzi e non piu’ ragazze. Che tristezza… ns31

7 sotto un tetto: Io, Roman, Stephanie, Vladov, Nelson, Ping, e Blasco.

8 Responses to “Nuovo Guinness dei Primati!”

  1. sara

    che ciccione che sei hahahahahahaahhaahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Matti

    scusa ma l’altro tizio italiano si chiama blasco? ns2 è un nome parecchio strano..
    comunque sia d’ora in poi sarà una bella riunione di salsicce in casa Graves!!!olè!!!

  3. Miss T.

    It’s a intersting mix of cultures and two italians under the same roof is the best part! just kidding baby! but brasilian girls love italian guys and this is something genetic as you told me! ns15
    What can I say about Judy accepting only guys?
    I’m so HAPPYYYYY, because I know you, always turning your charm on when you see an intersting girl, so it’s better if it will be a house for guys only!!!!!! ns74
    Anyway, I feel better knowing that you won’t have the temptation in front of your room… ns6

  4. The Californian

    @ Sara: ns43
    @ Matti: tipo il soprannome di Vasco Rossi: Blasco! ns22
    @ Miss T.: Actually it was an incorrect info the one I wrote. Yesterday Judy, let me know that a Swiss Italian girl and a Swiss German girl are coming at the end of the month. Hahaha.. ns27

  5. LuigiGianluigi

    Beh, ma.. Sarò cieco io, ma Stephanie non è mica una da salsiccia, no?? ns22
    Vai con lo Charm mode on, vecchio mio! (che poi Miss T. ti ammazza).
    Beh, Blasco… in realtà significa anche ‘parassita da pelo pubico..’ Stacci lontano, uomo!

  6. Miss T.

    Well, what am I suppose to say about it?
    I cannot take care of you anymore, I will be not here… ns31
    BUT don’t forget that you invited me to come back here on your birthday or go to Italy, so I hope you won’t be with another girl, otherwise I kill you bimbizinho! ns16
    You know that I don’t like surprises, so don’t surprise me with another girl over you! Just kidding…(actually I’m serious) ns22

  7. Renata

    Francesco! As you know I came back to Brazil. I’m always looking for your posts, though.
    How’s everything in SD? Keep in touch.

  8. The Californian

    I really appreciate the fact you’ll still follow me even though you’re not here in San Diego anymore. Here the weather has started to be sunny just a few days ago when before was cold and cloudy 24/7. Miss T. is going back to Brazil tomorrow morning and I’m about to bring her to the airport around 5am.
    I would have really liked to say goodbye to you in person and I’m sorry I didn’t. See you on Full Immersion then. Your comments are always welcome!
    Keep in touch Renata!

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