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Corvette Diner

I know. I’ve been a prick. 15 days of absence it is something it should have never happened. I really apologize; let’s say though, that the course of physics I am taking right now is not exactly what I would define a piece of cake. Yes, lately I’ve been kind of busy because of it, but I’m glad to say that in one week, and one week only, this hell will be just part of my memories. ns22 For all those, who are interest to see what I’ve been doing in this physics course, I will post my four tests online just because I honestly think they are quite challenging and I want to know what you (engineers friends) think about it. But anyway…

Now, at the Graves we are not in seven anymore like we used to be a month ago. Stephanie, the Swiss girl left three weeks ago, headed to LA to travel with his boyfriend around the US. Vladi, the Bulgarian guy, left a week ago right after Nelson, the brazilian, and four days after Nelson it was the turn of Roman. So basically, from a big family of seven students, we ended up being in just three in a few days: me, Blasco, and Ping. I think I’ll never get used to say goodbye to people… it sucks so badly! But that’s the way it work sometime. C’est la vie.. Fortunately though, Rafael, a new guy from Brazil arrived a couple days ago taking the place where Nelson used to stay.

The day after Rafael arrived here, we thought to go and celebrate in a proper way the last night of Roman here in San Diego at Corvette Diner Restaurant, the best American Diner you can find here in San Diego. That was the first time I went there and I gotta admit I really enjoyed the place even though at first the whole environment plus the restaurant staff resulted to be kind of shocking to me.

Everything around us was nicely reproduced like in an authentic 60′s restaurant. Blue Corvette in the middle of the restaurant, waiters performing silly dances every 30 minutes, a playroom with videogames in it, and three different kind of room where you could seat and eat your meal: the regular one, the black one set up with nice paintings on the wall reactive to ultraviolet lights, and lastly the room where were projected films of old cocerts and old movies.

In there, you are positive to find crazy waiters but I have reason to believe that the one we got was particularly insane. She introduced herself throwing hundreds napkins and straws on the table and screaming out loud. Then she started taking our orders down, but she wasn’t like the ordinary waiter who asks to the costumers what they wanna drink with an adjusted tone of voice. She was like screaming at us. At first I felt kind of overwhelmed but afterwards I started getting confident with it resulting then to be quite fun. At the end, the very same waiter got Roman and me, and started sticking straws up to out hair. Just like that. ns22

Here some pictures of the place:

Sometimes I feel like life is great just because of these small things.

Alla prossima ragazzi ns22

7 Responses to “Corvette Diner”

  1. Matti

    è proprio il classico ristorante da film americano che qui da noi non trovi, molto stile ristorante da motel in un’autostrada sperduta del deserto del nevada dove ci sono solo camionisti e puttane, il tutto rimodernato e appariscente. i like it.
    apetto ansioso i test di fisica per guardarli (tanto non li so fare).
    bella. io alle 17 parto per riccione torno domani sera e poi mi godo le mie meritate ferie, visto che ho appena finito di lavorare post-esami, e l’11 TUTTI A MALTA!!! ns27 ns27 ns27 ns27

  2. Miss T.

    This place remind me something… Ohh, yes, my birthday, but you were not there! hahaha ns43

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that you are going out despite your physics class!
    ns14 I have to admit that I was jealous about the idea that a woman was touching your hair but at the same time you look so funny with the straws! but please, don’t let it happen more times! it is a really funny place, but I thought that the straws in the hair were just for kids… Did they gave to you a ballon too? hahaha ns22
    Baby, even if I’m not in SD anymore I still reading your blog, and come on don’t be lazy and tell us more often the news!
    by the way, in 36 days I will be in SD and I can’t wait for that! ns19

    te amo esquilinho

  3. LuigiGianluigi

    Ehilà!! Aspettavo tue notizie!! Che figata il posto.. Mi ricorda un po’ Pulp fiction.
    Ma sta bene, vecchio? Dal post, mi sei sembrato un po’ giù. Beh, complimenti per Fisica!! Aspetto con asma i test. ns22
    Orca, attento che sei monitorato!! Te ne sei trovato una gelosa, eh?? ns22
    A presto viz!!

  4. gonzo

    hihi moooolto bello il posto! cose così o anche meno qua non se ne vedono manco per sbaglio…!
    Si si attendo con ansia i tuoi test per smontarti al volo ! :-D
    Saluti da Santa Maria di Leuca (Puglia, vicino al lago di Como)

  5. The Californian

    @ Matti: ma noooooooo… Corvette Diner e’ un ristorante come quello in Pulp Fiction. Adesso che mi ci hai fatto pensare, ti faro’ avere materiale riguardo ad un originale ristorante in mezzo aldeserto! A settembre festeggio il mio 21esimo in Vegas! ns22
    @ Miss T.: Come on baby, don’t be jealous. Think that we will spend 3 awesome days in the middle of the desert together. Just wait just a little bitta! ns22
    @ LuigiGianluigi: Sai perche’ ti sono sembrato giu’? la stessa giornata in cui ho scritto questo post, ho avuto una della peggiori cervicali della mia vita. Ah, Dio va davvero. Questa qua mi monitora blog, fb, laptop (quando era ancora qua), flusso di pensieri, …, 24 ore su 24. ns31 YADYAM, PLEH, SOS, OTUIA!
    @ Gonzo: Bella Gonzo, ieri ho postato i test sul blog ns3

  6. Matti

    ok, allora ho avuto un’impressione errata.

  7. LuigiGianluigi

    Bella, allora so ancora capire come stai!! Dag dal gas con la cervice!!

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