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Simple Pleasures

Normally, the ideal bartender at Starbucks keeps drinks organized, writing the customers’ name on their cup so when it is time to call it out, everthing ends up being more efficient. I used to love this idea.

If anybody remembers, Deborah (Debra on the cup), was one of my first dear roommates here is San Diego. It was December 2008 when I met her for the first time. We had such a good time together, that at some point she promised me to come back to San Diego.

Guess what? After almost two years, I found her, and her two friends Julia and Rafaela, back here in San Diego. Well, I gotta be honest. It wasn’t purely a surprise. She gave me a heads up before coming here, asking if I was gonna be in town when she would have arrived here but still; I was positively shocked when I saw her again.

This whole thing happened almost a month ago, when Romain and Nelson were still here with us (the reason why I’m writing about it only now is that I just received the pictures today). What’s better than going with an old friend and a couple of roommates to chatter somewhere?

Well, we had a lot of fun talking about these last two years. Unfortunately though, because of that stupid physics course, this was the only time we could actually hang out all together.

Before leaving the park to go back home, my dear roomie left me a package. This package contained a pair of flip-flops or, I would better say the pair of flip-flops. Two years ago, before leaving, Deborah’s mother gave me this present but unfortunately they were an 8 long instead to be an 11. I know you guys don’t really care about it. I just wanna say thanks a lot mainly for two reasons: firstly because you remembered about it even after a couple years and secondly because my old pair of flip-flops (cannot figure out how), got broken right the day after you left, so if it wasn’t for you I would be wandering San Diego barefoot.

I hope to see ya again roomie!

5 Responses to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Miss T.

    There’s nothing better then hang out with friends! ns3

    I’m happy to see you are happy!

    By the way,in 3 weeks we will have some fun together!
    see you soon!

  2. LuigiGianluigi

    che cosa nel mondo è una flic-floc???

  3. The Californian

    @ LuigiGianluigi: e’ flip-flops non flic floc ns27 ns27 ns27 sono gli infradito stonato!

  4. LuigiGianluigi

    Aaaaah!! Ah, il mondo dei giovani.. così vicino eppur così lontanoo… ns22

  5. Deborah

    i know i’m late, but that’s just me, you know haha i really liked your post :D and i wanna thank you for all the great memories from my first time in SD and for keeping in touch in this years :) glad you liked the present and that they were useful, that’s important, right? loved to meet again, and see you soon, this time in Brazil as promised lots of times, huh? hahahaha keep in touch roomie!

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