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Back In The U.S.A.

Here I am, back in the U.S.A., again, for the third time. Leaving Italy this time was definitely the hardest one. I had such an intense time over there with all of you guys, or I should better say, almost all of you (Luigi Gianluigi, it was dramatic not being able to see you ns31) that I felt heavily sad when I got in line for the check in of the airport.

A great night with my great old friends at the Glitch right before Christmas made me feel a little more at home.

Dj sets at Gonzo’s winery were special. Old and new songs getting mixed by the “Magic Trio”. Three idiots acting like professional photographer flashing other people’s faces while trying to take decent pictures to upload on Facebook the very same night (proud to mention that I was one of those three idiots). And lots of alcohol of course, how could that be missing at Gonzo’s winery?

A lovely trip to Switzerland that made everything much warmer. First was the turn of Lugano, a great city that faces a beautiful lake, and the sweet company of Estelle,

and afterwards was the turn of Zurich and a great afternoon spent with a few girls I meet in California this autumn and my ex-roommate Sarah.

Then it was time to go and see my tiny grandma (too shy to look into the camera once). Even though I had chance to stay with her only one day, because many things were waiting for me at home, I was glad to see her and to spend some time with her.

And the Christmas lunch with my cousins, poker nights with old friends, San Silvestre at Milan, great cocktails at the Messicano, Estelle’s visit to Reggio Emilia, a special dinner with both of my siblings and their respective wife/husband, some good talking with my friend Elly, a dozen of friends of friends bringing their laptops to my house and asking me to fix them as soon as possible, and my parents’ silly arguments, that are still as loud as I remembered from two years ago, if not even more.

Well, a few words to say a lot is what I tried to write tonight.

One tear, two tears, three tears, I’m sure by the time you finished the last paragraph you started crying like little girls.Yes, it is sad indeed, but I promise I’ll be back soon little wusses! ns22

4 Responses to “Back In The U.S.A.”

  1. The Gipsy Princess

    Bravo, fai un po’ di buona pubblicità alla Svizzera :) ok seriously, I’m glad to see u liked it ;) …anche se un paio di foto in più di Zurigo potevi metterle, meritano! Il solito lazy….

    BacINO :)

  2. mettiu_il_magnifico

    che dire. si viene e si va comunque ballando. alla ligabue.
    il tempo vola.
    non ci sono più le mezze stagioni.
    si stava meglio quando si stava peggio.
    e altri mille luoghi comuni che adesso non mi vengono in mente.

    è stato un piacere vederti. seppur per poco. good luck. ns17

  3. Miss. T

    I’m really happy to see you had fun! how we say here in Ireland “It was a great craic” ns3 btw, I’m still reading this blog, so don’t be lazy franky, and write more often haha all the best ns22 beijo

  4. Dani

    solo che ti muovi a tornare..

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