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A Turning Point

What’s going on people? Long time I haven’t written anything and I’m very sorry for it. I really haven’t had much time to stay here, in front my laptop thinking of what to say, and the inspiration was an issue as well. But I guess today is the day to start again to narrate some of my adventures, or I should better say my last adventure in the United States.

Tonight it will be the fifth night I sleep here in Chicago, Illinois. Why am I here? I was offered a 2 months internship in Elettric 80 company and I thought it could have been an excellent experience to encounter before going back to Italy and finish my study. And here I am in the windy city.

But tonight I’m not going to write about Chicago. No, not tonight. Tonight, I’m going to dedicate this post to the great time I had during my last days lived in San Diego.

The incredible trip to Disneyland is definitely something to remember.

Rene, I, Robbyn, and Will

During my last 6 months I met a few new friends in San Diego who I haven’t talked about yet. Rene was one of my new roommate from Germany. Then Will, an American guy I met in my physics class and finally Robbyn, Will’s fiancee (thanks God I remembered to write fiancee and not girlfriend… I could have got into big troubles ns27 )

A couple days before going there I thought it was going to be a total failure. Once I was there though… Wow! There is no right adjective for it. It is just the perfect place that brings you back to your childhood, when you were still a kid  hoping for magic to be real.

Disneyland’s rides are just the best. You gotta think of hundreds millions dollars spent in buildings to entertain people coming from all over the world. My favorite ride was the hunted house, but unfortunately it was too hard to take any picture.

Then obviously, dozens of stores where there. You could find anything you could ever imagine  made by Disney. One of these stores was called The Mad Hatter where you could find any kind of hat you’ve ever thought of.

Unfortunately I’m still missing the video of the grand finale. But I will post it very soon. Promise!

There is noway to forget the countless pool games I played with my two roommates, Rene and Freddy. The funny thing is how we started playing though. We were coming back home from Ocean Beach, when we noticed this random stoner who from his front yard invited us over to smoke some marijuana. We almost ignored him, but then I thought to ask him if he had any idea of where we could have played some pool all together, and with a smile printed on his face he brought us to this bar, across the street, where we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. At the end, that bar became our favorite one and we kept going there till I left San Diego.

I wish I would have found out before of how much I like playing pool ns22 .

During this three years in the US I had always tried somehow to shoot with a gun at the shooting range. But there had always been something to stop me. Before it was an age issue, then once I finally turned 21 I needed someone to come with me who knew what to do, but unfortunately i’d never had a chance to find anyone available. But at the end, I fucked the system. Charlie, Rene, and I went in the middle of the desert and we started shooting like a group of mad cowboys!

The last night we went at our favorite bar, Tiny’s (the only reason why I remember the name of the bar is because Will once said “Oh now Francesco I understand why this is your favorite bar, you like tiny’s… got it?? ns27 “) and it turned out to be just a perfect night all together. Rene, Martin, Roberta, my two American friends, and I went playing pool, and drinking beer all night long no stop. Unfortunately our pool buddy Freddy was missing; I wish he could have made it. At the end I was honored to take a picture with both of my American friends, Will and Peter, who would have ever imagined.

Peter, I, and Will

I can’t really say anything but that my last two weeks in San Diego were just the best of the best. Even if I did meticulously plan all this, it couldn’t have came out any better!

Thank you all people, I will miss you all!!! ns31

3 Responses to “A Turning Point”

  1. Frost

    quindi adesso finisci li a chicago i tuoi ultimi giorni da americano?
    ma in pratica cosa fai, uno stage?
    di preciso quand’è che torni?

    ma quanto è bella l’america ns15

  2. The Californian

    Ciao Frostolo! Cavolo non mi tradisci mai te, mi scrivi sempre il commento. Si adesso sto’ qua a Chicago fino alla fine di Agosto, ma non so ancora quando torno esattamente, tanto e’ vero che non ho ancora comprato il biglietto di ritorno. In pratica si, sto’ facendo uno stage: mi fanno fare un po’ di tutto, da traduzioni per un financial managing software chiamato SAP e tra poco mi daranno da smanetta con ABAP, il linguaggio con cui SAP e’ scritto. Adesso come adesso sto’ finendo un sito in php per la gestione interna degli ordini, quindi smanettero’ con i tanto amati database (mi viene a mente la Carriero Dio mama ns27 ) e poi si vedra’. Tempo una settimana e posto delle foto di Chicago; di notte questa citta’ e’ uno spettacolo. Ci sentiamo bello!

  3. Frost

    ma bella ehahuhauh

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