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What’s up people? Here I am, finally relaxing in my bedroom after 10 hours at the office. A sweet temperature of 100°F is nicely and slowly killing me, and as if the temperature wasn’t bothering me enough, I decided to drink some good red wine after a “dinner” prepared in less than 10 minutes, but hey it was good, it certainly was, I cooked it.

Things to say? Way too many to tell them all in this post, but I’ll try to do my best. Today I decided to use an image as a title instead of just using the regular, boring, and over-used plain text. Well, the picture doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? That is Lake Michigan. I don’t know if I am the only person who feels like he hasn’t understood the definition of lake but, after being in front of that, I’m not sure of what a lake is anymore. But before I wanted to show you guys a few pictures of Chicago, so first thing first, I’ll talk about the lake later in the post ns3

Unfortunately, my first week of staying here in Chicago I didn’t have time to go to downtown to enjoy the city. Way too many things were going on, and that is also one of the reason why I kind of delayed to update the blog for a little, but two weekends ago I finally went with some friends I met here, mostly from work.

From left to right, Rodrigo (my actual roommate), Tim, Ryan, Kile, Mitch, Alicia, and Felicia.

And here it is, the windy city, the second city, the Chi-Town, aka Chicagoland.

This city is way too big to be fully enjoyed in just one day but we did our best to walk around and see as much as we could in one afternoon.

This is definitely  the monument I appreciated the most. It is informally called “the bean” but the artist wanted it to represent a cloud. I wasn’t curious enough to go and investigate on the meaning of the monument itself but I bet it was created because of the recurrent windy weather one can find here in Chicago.

That very same day I went to downtown Kile told me that Chicago is called the windy city because of the number of windy talkers in politics (white liars), and not because of the weather as most of people think. I kind of wanted to answer back, isn’t windy talked the definition of politician all over the world? I just got over it…

Another pictured I thought would have been interesting was the Sears Tower (the one with two antennas at the top of the building) which is the tallest tower in the Unites States of America after the 9/11.

Definitely a “must visit” in case you have a chance.

In these three weeks I went out with my coworkers pretty much every weekend, and each one of them was literally no-stop, no time for thinking, no time for breathing. The other weekend we went to some sort of a techno music festival, and this last weekend we had Indiana as destination.

On saturday afternoon Joey, Rodrigo, and I hit the road directed to Chesterton, where Tim lives (B in the map). We spent an unforgettable day all together playing pool and playing Rockband on X-box 360 after having an amazing barbeque. The pool table was definitely the damn best part of it. ns15 Thanks Timmy for being such a good host!  ns22

The day afterwards we went to Gary (C in the map) and two were the major events: I ate a Chicago hotdog and I saw a lake that I initially confused for an ocean. We went to the lake because of an air-show, but I ended up being more entertained sipping in the water than watching the actual air-show. Well, the Chicago hotdog made me finally understand that there has to exist someone up there in the sky, the lake just confused me. I entered in the water and it wasn’t salty, plus I had hard time floating. Jokes a part I really enjoyed it and I hope we will have something like it again before I leave the country.

Thanks you guys, you’ve been giving me a great time and to the readers, you’ll hear from me soon.

Ciao! ns27

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  1. Rodrigo

    FIRST TO COMMENT! XD What a nice post! :D

  2. Miss. T

    Hiya! Finally you had time to write sth hun! I loved the pics, enjoy Chicago as much as you can Franky!!! ns22

    Love, Tabata

  3. Joey Moyer

    Yes that weekend was super fun!!!

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