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Just the End of a Chapter.

Well, I’m not sure of how many people are still reading this blog, probably none, but I wanted to make sure you guys don’t think I’m dead, or somehow got kidnapped by some sort of weird creatures form Mars.
Anyway, for those who hasn’t heard the news yet, right now I’m in Italy and I’m into finishing my study at university of Parma. To make a long story short, I came back to Italy, because I wasn’t excepted at San Diego State University and in order to speed up the process of graduation I thought that applying to an Italian university would have been the easiest/fastest solution.

The desire to come back in the US though, is still strong and very alive. A big part of myself is still in San Diego walking down Rosecrans St. to go getting some “espressi” at Peter’s Starbucks. Another part on myself is still in Chicago, having an unmeasurable amount of fun with my Italian fellows Alessio, Marco & Co. I don’t want to be misunderstood though: the importance of my friends I got here in Italia is priceless: I don’t know what I would do without them.
Again, I don’t exactly know why, but my heart is really telling me that this one is just a little break, just a little time to spend here and than it will be time for me to get the dance started.

So, wrapping it up, I hope you all enjoyed my short stories I’ve written until today, and I promise that, at some point I will start writing again. But this is not over, I swear! ns27

Talk to you, sooner or later!

2 Responses to “Just the End of a Chapter.”

  1. Frost

    volevo proprio vedere se avresti postato la fine (o presunta tale) della saga o ti saresti dimenticato e avresti abbandonato il blog così eherhe

    comunque ci dobbiamo beccare prima o poi


  2. The Californian

    Bella frostolo, scusa se ti rispondo solo ora, ma avendo cambiato il dominio del blog mi ero scordato di settare l’e-mail di notifica per quando qualcuno scrive qualcosa. Comunque si, anche se ci ho messo un po’ ho dovuto mettere un punto al Paragrafo, non mi piace tenere le cose in sospeso. ns22

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