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A scary poker hand..Texas Hold’em!

Yesterday night during the poker game. Both the players (Bedo and Orkun) were All-in:

After the FLOP

After the TURN

After the RIVER

Orkun won with Straight Flash that is really difficult hand to draw. The amazing part of the story, is that the last weekend the same guy drawn another Straight flash. I have played for more than 6 months and I’ve never drawn one SF. Following, the pictures of yesterday and the weekend before yesterday…

Pictures a live:

With this poker hand, for today is over..

See ya the next time!!

6 Responses to “A scary poker hand..Texas Hold’em!”

  1. Raziel

    Ah Pinky la “scala colore” si chiama straight FLUSH……..

  2. pinkynrg

    Non c’e’ dubbio che sto’ a cambiare tutto… Cazzo!!!!

  3. Matti

    fortuna che vivi in america da 5-6 mesi..

  4. Matti


  5. dado

    dio va non sai ancora parlare!!

    auguri permalosino!!

  6. dani


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