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Nei pressi di Seaport Village

Ciao ragazzi.

I mondiali sono cominciati. Io di calcio non ne so un tubo pero’ sono quasi certo del fatto che se il Paraguay fosse stata una squadra di cui bisognasse fare attenzione ne avrei sentito parlare. Va bene che in Sud America non fanno altro che giocare a calcio, perche’ poi e’ uno dei pochi modi per fare carriera, ma io davvero del Paraguay… mai sentito parlare. Salati, Dado, chiunque ne sappia qualcosa piu’ di me, cosa ne pensate di questa prima partita? Comunque meglio un pareggio che un sconfitta…

Tornando a noi, ieri ho pensato di tornare nei pressi di Seaport Village per scattare un paio di fotografie riguardanti “alberi artistici” distribuiti su piu’ di un miglio di costa. Alcuni erano proprio orrendi, altri invece molto artistici ed originali. Alla fine della mostra la ciliegina sulla torta: una statua rappresentate la famosa fotografia del bacio tra il marinaio e l’infermiera scattata il 14 Agosto del 1945 in Times Square. Ieri vi ho portato le mucche, oggi vi ho portato gli alberi! ns22

Per oggi e’ tutto. Alla prossima e… Forza Azzurri!

Invasione di mucche alla Jolla

[Article of "SignOnSanDiego.com" - 06.11.2008]

Nonprofit groups see public art as cash cows

CowParade, a public art exhibit of painted fiberglass cows, is coming to the region next year, organizers announced yesterday.

CowParades have become an international phenomenon in the past decade since starting in Chicago in 1999. The whimsical exhibits have since been staged in New York, London and Paris, and auctions of the artwork have raised more than $25 million for charities worldwide.

Currently, CowParade Lala Tijuana 2008, is taking place across the border.

Plans for CowParade San Diego were unveiled at Liberty Station in Point Loma, where developer Corky McMillin Cos. has donated buildings to be used as an artist laboratory and warehouse for the project.

CowParade San Diego expects to exhibit 200 life-size fiberglass cows in prominent public spaces – such as trolley stations, Balboa Park and the San Diego County Administration Center – from Jan. 3 to March 31.

A cattle call is being put out to artists in the San Diego and Tijuana region to work on the project. Individuals and businesses can sponsor a cow, and each artist whose design is selected will be provided with a blank cow and $1,000 upon completion.

The top 50 cows will be auctioned at the end of the exhibit to raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital, the Zoological Society of San Diego and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. The auction is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We will do everything we can to milk CowParade for as many philanthropic dollars as we can,” Mayor Jerry Sanders quipped at a news conference announcing the project, where milk and cookies were served.

Not all public art fundraising projects have been successful. For example, a plan to install 40 individually decorated Garfield cat statues along Old Highway 101 fizzled last year because of a lack of sponsors.

But CowParade has received enthusiastic response from artists in town.

Perry Vasquez, an artist who teaches at Southwestern Community College, said he was drawn to participate in CowParade after finding out that some of his cultural heroes, such as director David Lynch and former Czech President Vaclav Havel have created CowParade artworks.

“I thought this is more than a frothy pop-art project. There have been some serious minds who have been involved. If they can do it, I can do it,” Vasquez said.

To create his design, Vasquez has been thinking about the cultural significance of cows in Greece, Scandinavia, India and other nations. He’s also been dwelling on the contemporary issues tied to cows, such as slaughterhouse ethics.

Organizers say that cows are a good fit for a public art project because they are nonthreatening and recognizable. Their body shapes also happen to make a good canvas. The fiberglass forms used for the exhibit are modeled after Swiss dairy cows.


In due parole, quest’articolo del 2008 preannuciava una parata di 200 mucche a San Diego che sarebbe cominciata il 3 gennaio e finita 31 marzo 2009. Questo progetto e’ gia’ stato sviluppato in diverse citta’ come New York, Londra e Parigi che negli anni passati ha raccolto piu di 25 milioni di dollari.

Nel 2008 questa sfilata stava prendendo luogo a TIjuana, citta’ di confine tra California e Mexico.

I fondi che saranno raccolti saranno donati all’ospedale Rady Children’s, alla societa’ zoologica di San Diego e al Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.

Chiunque puo’ sponsorizzare una mucca. Questa sara’ consegnata ad un’artista della citta’ che provvedera’ a pitturarla per poi quindi essere ricompensato al termine con 1000 dollari. Alla fine della sfilata, saranno selezionate 50 mucche che saranno vendute all’asta al fine di raccogliere fondi destinati a progetto.

E finalmente queste 200 mucche sono arrivate a San Diego piu’ colorate che mai. Non puoi girare l’angolo senza trovarne una…

Ovviamente non sono stato li a fotografarvele tutte 200, ma ve ne ho “portate” un po’ per farmi assaporare la pazza atmosfera che ha invaso la citta’ in questi ultimi 2 mesi. Queste sono quelle vicine alla mia scuola in la Jolla.

Godetevi la galleria:

per oggi e tutto ragas..

P.S La mia preferita e’ la numero 10.. =)

Alla prossima!!

The first post in English..

Hello everybody.. today I want to try to write the first post in english. So today is november 10th and i’m going to write something of yesterday. First rule for all reader: if you’ll find out some mistake, you HAVE TO tell me.

Ok i’m ready. Yesterday I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning for call my family. They were all togheter for receive my videocalling. After one hour and half and a lot of chats, Tim and me watched the first half of Blow (amazing movie about one poor guy and his business about cocaine).After, I decided with Aline to visit a ship of the Marine of the ’40 or something like this. We arrived in front of the ship at 3.30 in the afternoon. We stayed inside the shep for only 1 hour and a half because they closed at 5 o’clock. So we bought a student ticket (cheeper than the normal one) and we entered.

The first guy inside the ship explained to us how we could learn something about the navy. The normal day on this famous ship called “Midway”. The name of the museum is “USS Midway Museum” and down you can find the link of the official site:


Anyway, we followed a planned way, where you had to wear a headphone and in the same time you had to look (for example) several rooms where the navies slept and listen the explanation. I took a lot of photos. Here are the best in almost fifty total photos:

After this quick lesson I can explaine what is the difference between navies and marines. For the people that doesn’t know the difference, the navies are the sea’s military and the marines are a part of the navies that can also go on the land. Never mind, it was very very interesting.

After that, we went to the Hooka bar, because Aline wanted to smoke but we found the shop close. It open at 7 o’clock so we decided to go to the “il vantaggio” place for the students like me, situated in Little Italy. Aline has a friend in this place and we thought that it was possible enjoy there.

Before go there, we went to buy some beer and some chips for the evening (total cost for 6 bottle if beer and 2 packs of chips: 10.16 box…. I have to give back Aline 5box…azz… I can’t, i’m so poor… never mind). We entered and I had never seen anywhere a place like this. It was something like an hotel but with 1 kitchen shared for all the floor. There was, I think so, three floors. Anyway, Aline and me waited in the first floor’s kitchen, for one hour while the people were cooking. We were drunk a lot of beer while the people were arrived and set. At the 8.30 in the evening, the kitchen was full of people. I met and knew a lot new people very iteresting and two of these were from south Switzerland than so they could speak Italian. Oh guys, the first time that I spoke seriously my language with someone on this 2 months. I was excited and very relaxed. Anyway, I was a little bit drunk and I enjoyed so much. We came back at home at 1 o’clock. I begin to find right people to go out in the evening. I hope. Oh, I forget to say that the “Italian Switzerland” people left this night so for me i won’t be a problem (I mean learn the language).

Ok guys that’s all. I think we’ll meet soon. I love you all.