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Housing on Madrid St.

Hello dudes, what’s up?

I’m actually finding the time to write a new article just right now, cause in these days I had so many things to do that you would never imagine. Between enrolling classes at city colleges which is not a joke and doing things for adjusting my staying I’m kind of exausted. In this week I had the oppotunity to know all the rommates who are living with me in the house a little better , I’m actually finding out that stay with real americans is not the same to live with foreign though. Of course, I spent long time with my host american parents the last nine months but I used to spend most of my time with my classmates who were not american at all though. In these days I seem to be kind of a shy person cause i find challeging to support conversations with them but I’m trying to do as good as I can even though I gotta repeat what I just said to them at least three times.

Even though all these things, I’m actually getting use to stay here and I’m sure that when I’ll need to move in Graves’ house I’m gonna feel like someone who leaves his home. ns31

These are some pictures of where I’m staying and some picture of my roommates ns15 (the second part has been added at the request of Mr. Gallingani):

Talking about the college I gotta say that I changed my mind about it. Lately, it seems to be nicer than I remembered. The whole internal part of the campus is a beautiful courtyard that makes me feel relaxed every time I pass through it. The only thing that scares me is this process of class enrolling which seems to be really complicated and demanding for the students of the first semester, however I will be able to enroll all the classes that I need to attend for this semester. Right now, I got classes of math, a couple of classes of my major which is computer science but I couldn’t get any class of english though cause the waitlist was packed up. Fortunally being a foreign student I have some privileges that allow me to have priority on the other americans students but it will take a while longer. 

As soon as I can i’ll upload for you some pics of the campus which for me as I said before it’s really pretty. 

So, see you later guys.