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21st birthday in Vegas!

Finally I find the time. I’ve been postponing for so long that I’m ashamed of myself. But in between one thing and another I barely have the time to breathe. Before even starting I’d like to say sorry to all those people who wrote me personal e-mails waiting for an answer. I promise I won’t forget; just give me a few days more to get organized. ns22

When I was thinking about writing this article, I felt like I had to say something more than “I went to Vegas for my 21st, dude. I got wasted, I did stuff I cannot even try to describe because it was so crazy, you wouldn’t believe it.” Well, I want to reveal why people call me Pinky. Why? Because it’s somehow related to the day I was born and I feel like that many of you call me so, but have no clue about the meaning behind it.

On the 17th of September, 1989, there was born a purple baby: Francesco. Purple? Oh yeah, indeed. When he was still inside his mother’s belly, the umbilical cord nearly killed him by causing an absence of oxygen. His parents and his siblings were worried about it, but a few days after this weirdo was born, the color became lighter and lighter, almost normal. Just one part remained purple: one big spot right on the bottom of his back. His big brother then somehow, suddenly came up with the ridiculous nickname: Pinky. After 21 years this nickname is still alive. Fortunately here in California none of his friends know about this silly nickname but once he is back to Italy he is sure to find people who are still calling him Pinky – his father included.

Well, after this short story about this unfortunate baby, what about going back to My 21st birthday?

After renting a KIA Spectra, at 10 AM Miss T. and I left San Diego headed to Las Vegas Nevada. Miss T.? Didn’t she go back to Brazil? Yes, she did. She also came back to California just for me, willing to celebrate my birthday together. Over there, my actual roommate Pin – went there by plane – was impatiently waiting for us. So what we were waiting for? Let’s hit the road dammit!

A marvelous view accomapanied us for the duration of the journey.

After 500 miles or so, at around 3 PM we arrived feeling better than what we could imagine.

Once we checked in at the Golden Nugget, we changed and we went to the swimming pool downstairs. The sun hit so badly that we had to hurry because the air was close to be unbreathable. The first thing came up in mind was to get a drink as the mature boy I turned to be, so I got my wallet and my passport and with a puffed chest I asked for 2 Vodka Redbulls, waiting for him to carefully check my id.

Zero. None. Nada. I paid and I went away with my drinks and a sad espression on my face. How was that he didn’t card me at all for such an alcoholic beverage like a Vodka Redbull? I remembered how they used to asked me the id for a freakin’ water and now that I ordered a drink for men, nothing, nada. It sucked!

After a couple hours spent in this awesome swimming pool we went in the room upstairs enjoying the comfort of one of the best king bed I’ve ever ██████ in. (Thanks for the censorship Gonzo.)

At night, we ended up being so tired that we really couldn’t do anything more than taking a walk on The Strip, the main street in Vegas and enjoy the night lights, which was not little anyways. Miss T. thinking that it was funny, bought one of those alcoholic slurpy kind of things served in a stripteaser glass that tasted delicious and looked ridiculous at the same time. And, by the way yes, Miss T. got jealous that I was touching the glass’ butt! ns27

The day after, feeling much better, we decided to hit the road as early as we could to go to the Stratosphere, the highest hotel in Vegas which is equipped with roller coasters right at the top of it. On our way to the car, we passed across the swimming pool. Why should we have been in a hurry? A couple hours in the swimming pool just to start the day in the right way wasn’t going to hurt anyone. ns3

around 12 AM we left the swimming pool headed to the sky.

After riding the X-scream we decided to leave the Stratosphere to go where Pin was waiting us. On our way down, I saw a young girl that was taking caricatures and I really couldn’t resist. I’ve always liked caricatures; they exaggerate  the unique features of someone in a funny way. I just love them and I love this one in particular.

After almost one hour of walking up and down to Vegas, we found Pin (it is still hard to… I’d rather  say it is still an impossible mission to comunicate with him on the phone). I still remember that episode where I was trying to teach him how to say “buddy”. Instead of saying “buddy” he would say “party”. And I was like, “no dude, not party, buddy! Check this out. You are saying P not B. Do what I do: B-B-B…BbBbBb”, and he went like “P-P-P…Pp Pp”.

Well Miss T. had the clever idea to frame this moment.

Pin and I love to take retarded pictures together. Our favorite pose is the one where we need to stay as serious as we can. Some people think we are just stupid, others think we are hilarious. Obviously, we are hilarious.

After a couple pictures, we went shopping at one of those big malls. I got a nice pair of shiny black shoes for the night: when you want to party in Vegas you better look fine because they let you enter in the club just if you are perfectly matching with all those other rich figli di papá in there. Got the shoes. Got the energy. Got the age. What the hell? What can stop me now?

Thanks God, the party is around the corner. The adrenaline is coming up. Vegas, the night, oh my God I still feel it inside me!

We got dressed and around 9.30 PM we were already in line to get in. I had to sell one of my lungs to enter but Jesus Christ it was worth it!

Well XS is the only club I’ve ever been so far here in America so I don’t really have much to compare it with, but I can guarantee you that we don’t have anything like it in Italia!

Every time I go to Vegas I feel like I go the City of Sin and the whole idea is very exciting… Hundreds of buildings designed to entertain people (and get their money) but, at the same time, give them the highest level of excitement that can’t be found anywhere else. Vegas makes you feel important. Then, once you get home with minus $200,000 in the bank account you also feel miserable, but damn, it is worth it!

Thanks Miss T. Thanks Pin. I love you!

P.S. In this article I said everything and nothing of what happened over there.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” No doubt about it!

Nuovo Guinness dei Primati!

Sette sono ora gli studenti ospitati in casa Graves. Dopo 15 anni spesi ad accogliere studenti provenienti da tutto il mondo, questo, per i Graves e’ un nuovo Guinness dei primati.

Sfortunatamente pero’, dopo quell’episodio d’un paio di mesi fa, tra quell’idiota Italiano e quell’altra Brasiliana, Judy, la padrona di casa, ha deciso di ospitare solo ragazzi e non piu’ ragazze. Che tristezza… ns31

7 sotto un tetto: Io, Roman, Stephanie, Vladov, Nelson, Ping, e Blasco.

Happy birthday!

♪♪ ” Happy birthday to “direttore di full immersion nel megalomanismo”,

         happy birthday to “direttore di full immersion nel megalomanismo”,

         happy birthday toooo “direttore di full immersion nel megalomanismoooooooooo”,

         happy birthday to youuuuuu… yeeEEeeEEeeEEee” ♪♪


“..Being not anymore in the teenage is bad..” ”Not being a teenager anymore is bad” ns31
“..Receiving a birthday card from your american bank two days before you actual birthday is too very bad..” ns6
“..Going in Java’s class and having your crazy teacher which is waiting for you with a candel in his hands with a big smile on his face is the worst..” ns4

Invasione di mucche alla Jolla

[Article of "SignOnSanDiego.com" - 06.11.2008]

Nonprofit groups see public art as cash cows

CowParade, a public art exhibit of painted fiberglass cows, is coming to the region next year, organizers announced yesterday.

CowParades have become an international phenomenon in the past decade since starting in Chicago in 1999. The whimsical exhibits have since been staged in New York, London and Paris, and auctions of the artwork have raised more than $25 million for charities worldwide.

Currently, CowParade Lala Tijuana 2008, is taking place across the border.

Plans for CowParade San Diego were unveiled at Liberty Station in Point Loma, where developer Corky McMillin Cos. has donated buildings to be used as an artist laboratory and warehouse for the project.

CowParade San Diego expects to exhibit 200 life-size fiberglass cows in prominent public spaces – such as trolley stations, Balboa Park and the San Diego County Administration Center – from Jan. 3 to March 31.

A cattle call is being put out to artists in the San Diego and Tijuana region to work on the project. Individuals and businesses can sponsor a cow, and each artist whose design is selected will be provided with a blank cow and $1,000 upon completion.

The top 50 cows will be auctioned at the end of the exhibit to raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital, the Zoological Society of San Diego and Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. The auction is expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We will do everything we can to milk CowParade for as many philanthropic dollars as we can,” Mayor Jerry Sanders quipped at a news conference announcing the project, where milk and cookies were served.

Not all public art fundraising projects have been successful. For example, a plan to install 40 individually decorated Garfield cat statues along Old Highway 101 fizzled last year because of a lack of sponsors.

But CowParade has received enthusiastic response from artists in town.

Perry Vasquez, an artist who teaches at Southwestern Community College, said he was drawn to participate in CowParade after finding out that some of his cultural heroes, such as director David Lynch and former Czech President Vaclav Havel have created CowParade artworks.

“I thought this is more than a frothy pop-art project. There have been some serious minds who have been involved. If they can do it, I can do it,” Vasquez said.

To create his design, Vasquez has been thinking about the cultural significance of cows in Greece, Scandinavia, India and other nations. He’s also been dwelling on the contemporary issues tied to cows, such as slaughterhouse ethics.

Organizers say that cows are a good fit for a public art project because they are nonthreatening and recognizable. Their body shapes also happen to make a good canvas. The fiberglass forms used for the exhibit are modeled after Swiss dairy cows.


In due parole, quest’articolo del 2008 preannuciava una parata di 200 mucche a San Diego che sarebbe cominciata il 3 gennaio e finita 31 marzo 2009. Questo progetto e’ gia’ stato sviluppato in diverse citta’ come New York, Londra e Parigi che negli anni passati ha raccolto piu di 25 milioni di dollari.

Nel 2008 questa sfilata stava prendendo luogo a TIjuana, citta’ di confine tra California e Mexico.

I fondi che saranno raccolti saranno donati all’ospedale Rady Children’s, alla societa’ zoologica di San Diego e al Balboa Park Cultural Partnership.

Chiunque puo’ sponsorizzare una mucca. Questa sara’ consegnata ad un’artista della citta’ che provvedera’ a pitturarla per poi quindi essere ricompensato al termine con 1000 dollari. Alla fine della sfilata, saranno selezionate 50 mucche che saranno vendute all’asta al fine di raccogliere fondi destinati a progetto.

E finalmente queste 200 mucche sono arrivate a San Diego piu’ colorate che mai. Non puoi girare l’angolo senza trovarne una…

Ovviamente non sono stato li a fotografarvele tutte 200, ma ve ne ho “portate” un po’ per farmi assaporare la pazza atmosfera che ha invaso la citta’ in questi ultimi 2 mesi. Queste sono quelle vicine alla mia scuola in la Jolla.

Godetevi la galleria:

per oggi e tutto ragas..

P.S La mia preferita e’ la numero 10.. =)

Alla prossima!!

Gli esiti delle “propositions”

Ciao a tutti.

Come promesso oggi vi parlerò delle nuove leggi emanate (sono per quanto riguarda lo stato della California) lo stesso giorno dell’elezione del presidente ( 4 Novembre 2008 ). Quest’anno i cittadini della california dovevano votare al ballottaggio per il nuovo presidente (come certamente tutti sapete) e per 12 nuove leggi. Le propositions 1A, 3, 10 e 12 richiedono ognuna una consistente spesa in denaro tradotta in in’aumento di tasse per il cittadino.

Di seguito le propositions:

proposition 1A – Bonds for Highspeed rail – passed
Aumento delle tasse per la costruzione di un nuovo treno veloce. Quest’ultimo ridurrebbe il tasso d’inquinamento, ovviamente faciliterebbe i trasporti ma verebbe a costare la bellezza di $, quindi un consistente aumento di tasse da pagare.

proposition 2 – Treatment of Farm Animals
– passed
Richiede di migliorare le condizione degli animali da allevamento (quelli che diventeranno prodotti di consumo alimentare). Risulta che fino ad ora questi animali abbiano sofferto per il mondo in cui sono stati trattati. Questa proposition vuole migliorare le condizioni vitali diquesti ultimi. Sicuramente il contro di questa nuova legge sarà l’ incremento del prezzo delle carni nei supermercati.

proposition 3 – Bonds for children’s hospitals
– not passed
Aumento delle tasse per la costruzione, riparazione, espansione e rinnovazione di ospedali per bambini. Questo comporterà una spesa di 64.000.000 $ annuali.

proposition 4 – Parental notification about abortion
- not passed
Richiede di modificare la legge riguardo all’aborto. Per il minore, sarà necessaria una richiesta da parte di un genitore o di un tutore legale 48 ore prima dell’operazione.

proposition 5 – Rehabilitations of nonviolent offenders
- not passed
Migliora ed espande i programmi di trattamento  riguardo ai condannati per reati di droga.

proposition 6 – Public safety spending and criminal penalties - not passed
Vuole revisionare 30 leggi per quanto riguarda la criminalità, con conseguente diminuzione di quest’ultima. Questo cambiamento verrebbe a costare $ annuali allo stato della California.

proposition 7 – Renewable energy - not passed
Dal 2010 questa legge imporrebbe l’utilizzo di risorse rinnovabili per il 20% dell’energia totale consumata dall’azienda. Se approvata, questa imposizione vale per tutte le aziende (prima imposta solo per le società elettriche private). Il tasso varierà dal 20 al 40% dal 2020 e dal 40 al 50% dal 2025.

proposition 8 – Ban on gay marriage - passed
Nel 2000 è stata emanata la legge che consentiva la pratica di matrimonio tra persone di sesso uguale. Ora questa proposition chiede l’abolizione di questo diritto.

proposition 9 – Victims’ rights - passed
Una serie di cambiamenti per quanto riguarda i processi giudiziari. (Esempi: riduzione del numero di parole a cui i prigionieri hanno diritto, aumento del numero di spettatori e/o testimoni al processo..)

proposition 10 – Bons for alternative energy – not passed
Aumento delle tasse per lo sviluppo della ricerca di carburanti alternativi e per la ricerca di energie rinnovabili. Questa comporterà una spesa totale di $.

proposition 11 – Redistricting
– passed
Non riesco a tradurre questa proposition. EnJoY =)

proposition 12 – Bonds for veterans’ home loans
– passed
Questo atto prevede un prestito obbligazionario di 900.000.000 $ per fornire prestiti ai veterani della California per l’acquisto di aziende agricole e case.

La traduzione è stata svolta dal sottoscritto, quindi, fate bene a non fidarvi e  a controllare personalmente sul sito ufficiale.

–>   http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/   <–

Ecco qua alcune foto degli “sceens” (cartelli utilizzati dai cittadini per pubblicare le loro preferenze):

Buona notte a tutti!